Whole- Person Healthcare That Will Add Energy to Your Years, and Years to Your Life

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What Makes Us Unique?

At Raydiant Wellness, we use a combination of Lifestyle Medicine, Culinary Medicine and Health Coaching to help you prevent, improve and reverse diseaseobtain and maintain a healthy weight, and feel better than you have in years.  


Longer appointments to allow for a deep dive into your health history and your health concerns, and to co-create a personalized treatment plan. 

Further testing, if needed, to get to the root cause of your symptom(s), to determine your health risk, or to optimize treatment.

Collaboration to ensure the plan aligns with your life, values, and goals.

Education, support, accountability, and resources to facilitate the transition to a healthier lifestyle .

Is This Approach Right for Me? 

If you are looking for a longterm solution to increase your healthy life years and reduce your health problems, then this approach is right for you!

Health problems that benefit the most include:

Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Heart Disease

Hormonal Imbalance


Weight gain

Chronic Fatigue

Healthy Aging


Frequently asked questions

This is where the proper planning pays off. We review every detail and maintain an open dialogue with our clients so they can make informed decisions throughout the project.

Once the project has been broken down, it is time to build it up. We start by identifying and addressing the elements that present the greatest risk to the owner. Sometimes they align simply with the highest dollar value in the line item budget – but often, the greatest risks are the line items that have the potential to increase all the other line items. Once identified, H+A meticulously manages each element until it is resolved.
The next step in this process is to determine the most effective project delivery method. The project delivery method is the contractual method that will be used to procure the primary contractor, or contractor(s) to be engaged in the construction. There are a wide variety of methods for procuring a project, and the decision to use the most effective one is of the utmost importance. The primary reason this decision retains such a serious influence on the project is that once the contractor(s) are procured, the owner’s leverage for any further negotiations, either for the contract amount, the contract general conditions, or any additional work moving forward, is severely diminished. Therefore, it is critical to the Owner’s risk that the Prime contract(s) be procured in the most effective way. The best and most effective contract with a contractor may vary depending upon where the greatest risks lie on the project, sometimes budget, schedule, constructability, or any combination of all three. Specific contracts address some concerns better than others.

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