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Grocery Store Tour


The grocery store is teeming with options and the marketing on food packages can be deceiving.  This can make it challenging and time consuming to choose health-promoting food.  Together, we will explore your favorite grocery store and discuss how to choose the best options.  We can also delve into money-saving strategies.  Estimated time commitment- 60- 75 minutes  


Kitchen and Pantry Evaluation


Curious about what foods in your pantry may be sabotaging your health? We'll take a look in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and identify the benefits and risks of different food types, along with possible substitutions or additions to take your nutrition to the next level.  Estimated time commitment- 60- 75 minutes

InBody Body Composition Testing


(included without additional charge in our programs)

Health is so much more than a number on a scale.  In fact, a recent study concluded that cardiovascular disease risk was decreased by high muscle mass in both men and women.  During weight loss, some degree of muscle mass loss is unavoidable.  Given the benefits of retaining muscle mass as we age, it is important to follow body composition (muscle mass and percent body fat) during weight loss efforts.  

The InBody scanner uses bioimpedance measurement of all four extremities and the trunk to determine fat mass and muscle mass.  You will receive a detailed print out of your results, along with your progress over time.      

Fitness Assessment with Personalized Strength and Cardio Plan


We lose 3% of our muscle mass per year starting at the age of 30 unless we do something about it.  Loss of muscle mass contributes to the weight gain that tends to to occur with aging and has recently been shown to be correlated to increased risk for cardiovascular disease.  

This service will begin with a fitness assessment to determine your cardiovascular fitness and to evaluate for muscle imbalances that may hinder progress and predispose you to injury.  You will then receive a plan that includes appropriate stretching, warm up, and cardiovascular and strength training based on your assessment, goals, available equipment, age and gender.  Instruction on appropriate technique will be provided.  

7 Day Recipe Based Meal Plan


Interested in improving your nutrition but at a loss on where to start?  We'll provide you with a 7 day meal plan that includes recipes and a grocery list.  This will be tailored to you, your goals, and your preferences.  


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